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Add Mix Knobs please!

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asked Jan 29, 2022 in MyPreSonus Questions by krisbergeron (200 points)
Hello. I know that this has been asked in the past, but adding mix knobs to all inserts and plugins would really be fantastic! I have been looking and looking for an equivalent (coming from FL) workaround and haven't found one for what is a very useful feature! I know that the FL gang would love it!

For the automation that I'm looking at doing with this it would be a real time-saver because as of right now I can't automate the mix of Pro EQ for example, and would have to automate every parameter individually. The splitter doesn't work in this case because I can't automate the amount it sends - I'm not looking for parallel processing but a straight dry/wet knob because not all plugins have it (Studio One and external). This feature is really the one thing that I am missing so far from FL, really loving S1 so far!


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answered Nov 4, 2023 by brionreid (2,300 points)

I added a Wet Dry Split to exchange... hope it's useful