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Can you plug instruments directly into the StudioLive Series III consoles?

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asked Jan 31, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by darrenmacklin (500 points)
edited Jan 31, 2018 by darrenmacklin
There only appear to be mic and line/mic inputs on all 3 models.  Is there a way to plug an electric guitar or bass directly in?

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answered Feb 1, 2018 by markgreiner (2,500 points)
Sure.  Generally you’d probably want to go through a DI (direct interject) box to match the impedience, but that isn’t essential.  I like playing my electric guitar through at least one effects pedal to give it a more natural sound.  It can sound a little dry just plugging directly into the channel because there’s no speaker cabinet sound.  Bass is less of a problem.