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Please add the native MCU support for Waves LV1 software mixer in Faderport 16.

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asked Feb 2, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by borisstojs (270 points)
Faderport 16 is perfect controller for Waves LV1 (have 16 faders...) but at the moment is not working with Waves LV1 software mixer. I tried all MCU templates (Cubase, Nuendo and Sonar) - and have no LCD information, only 8 faders working...I would like to have MCU template for Waves LV1 software mixer, because is not possible to make customized controller template by myself.

Thank you.

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answered Jun 13, 2018 by connorguiberteau (26,970 points)
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Besides Studio One Native Mode, the Faderport 8 and 16 support Logic MCU, Sonar MCU, Cubase MCU, and Pro Tools Hui protocols.

MCU implementation varies from software to software. "Standard" MCU is considered the Logic MCU protocol.

Since there is no native mode for LV1, the functionality of the Faderport will entirely depend on how Waves LV1 has implemented the MCU protocol. This may not be a one to one setup. The functionality implementation might be intended for the Platform M Controller.

Setting up a Faderport in LV1
1. Start the Faderport in a MCU mode
2. Start Waves LV1
3. Under the "Setup" menu for "System Inventory" select the drop down for "Controls"
4. Select "Devices -> Mackie"
5. Assign the Faderport MIDI ports for Input and Output. (Faderport 16 will require "Device 2" to also be set up because MCU uses faders in banks of 8.)
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answered Feb 10, 2018 by dalisternisa (150 points)

Exactly, where is Standard MC mode, like in ********* X-Touch and all other Mackie compatibile controllers? Those will work with Waves LV1 out of the box!  How come Faderport has Cubase,Nunedo,Sonar modes, but lacks the basic MC one? It seems very illogical. 

Can we please have that?

There is a great and fast growing community of Live mixing with Waves LV1. Community with over thousands of users. FP16 is the best controller for LV1 so far. Only controller with 16 faders that match the onscreen GUI. A lot of FP16 units to be sold. A lot!!!!!

Thank you



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answered Apr 10, 2018 by dogpound444 (140 points)
I would buy a Fader port 16 if it worked with Waves LV 1
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answered Jun 13, 2018 by jimbodine (240 points)
I would not return my faderport 16 if it worked in generic MCU mode for lv1
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answered Jun 18, 2018 by jimbodine (240 points)
The LV1 implementation of Mackie Protocol is not intended specifically for the Icon Platform controllers and is very standard.  The ********* xtouch and xtouch extender work perfectly.  Also most functions work on the faderport except that in lv1 you have to assign one of the two banks as primary.  When you assign the correct bank as primary you get tap tempo assigned to the click button, but there is a bug that makes all scribble strips and button lights on the first 8 ports go out after 1 second.  If you select the wrong bank as primary all faders, scribble strips, select, mute, and solo buttons work but there is no tap tempo because that is sent on the other bank, and in this mode playing around with shift and function keys actually crashes the faderport.  This seems like a bug in the code for faderport as other universal mackie controllers do not exhibit the same behavior.  Of course presonus technical support refuses to address this as a bug.
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answered May 5, 2021 by torstendreesmann (170 points)

Hi everyone,

I've got the problem in combination FADERPORT16 and WAVES LV1: Faders still working, but wrong combination  by selcting the MAIN Device /Master when you adress both 8fader-units each to get full access of all 16 faders. Then TAP button is no longer on "Klick"-Button and colors of buttons are not supported any longer....

Faderport could be the best soultion for WAVES LV1!!!!  Please!

Torsten Dreesmann