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Using the StudioLive 24R for DAW studio recording?

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asked Feb 3, 2018 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by mattterzi (220 points)

I posted this suggestion thread, but since then, I've realized I have no idea if the Studio 24R is actually capable of everything I was suggesting already, so I'm just going to ask point-blank. Is the Studio 24R good for studio DAW recording?

My old setup several years ago consisted of microphones going into a snake, the snake going into an ancient analog mixer, and then outputting into an audio interface and on to the computer. I record everything in 24-bit 192 KHz so I'm editing the cleanest, most pristine material I'm capable of getting.

My idea for a new setup would be to use the StudioLive 24R as a glorified snake, running ethernet from there to the computer (or router, or however that works), and then using the computer as the console, recording live tracks in Studio One. But I have no idea if this is possible. Am I limited to 24-bit/ 48 KHz? Or can I still record in 24-bit 192 KHz (or better)? Will I need other hardware? Should I just get a StudioLive Series 3 and an audio interface? Am I better off just using my old system?

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answered Feb 7, 2018 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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As mentioned in the manuals and features page for the unit, all Series 3 consoles and rack mixers have USB 2.0 audio interface capability, just like our previous generation of mixers that used FireWire.

The mixers currently only operate @ 48 kHz 24 bit. 44.1 kHz will come later, but the mixer will never go beyond 48 kHz. Generally speaking, there is no need for 192 kHz on a Digital Live Sound console. Way too much processing required and file sizes are much too big to be practical.

The units sound great for recording (personally done 6+ projects already). It's just a matter of if the product is right for you. I suggest calling our Sales Team directly.