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When attempting to update firmware on my Faderport 8, what is the solution to error code 0x80004005?

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asked Feb 6, 2018 in FaderPort 8 by sleepyslave916 (140 points)
When I attempt to update the firmware on my Faderport 8 It gives me an error code 0x80004005. I am updating from version 1.01 to version 2.01.

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answered Mar 27, 2018 by oyvkdknk (420 points)
selected Jun 12, 2019 by nickmaggio
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Not entirely shure what error code I experienced. But I had a similar problem with updating firmware on FP 8 from 1.01 to 2.01. 
Maybe try following these steps:

  • Reset FP to factory studio one mode
  • Disconnect FP and power it off
  • Remove/uninstall Universal Control completely
  • Download the newest version of UC.
  • Reboot PC
  • Install new version of UC
  • Plug in FP and update firmware to 2.01.

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