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Is there a way to move the tempo track within the timeline?

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asked Feb 10, 2018 in Studio One 3 by bryancampbell1 (520 points)
If I create songs with a tempo track that changes tempo and I record my song can I move the tempo track with the other clips?

I can press ctrl+A and select all timeline clips but it DOESN'T select the tempo track. I would obviously want this to move with the other tracks as the tempo relates to those recorded tracks. There doesn't appear to be any way to do this other than move all the audio tracks and then readjust each of the tempo changes in the tempo track to get it back in sync and even then I can't just move the whole tempo track, I have to move each tempo change individually from what i can see. This becomes increasingly difficult for songs that contain many tempo changes.

Am I missing something or should this go on the feature list for next release?

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answered Feb 19, 2018 by moshegoldstein (1,580 points)
selected May 21, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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I can't just move the whole tempo track

You could. Place your cursor in the tempo track area on top, just above the individual tempo "events", then you can click and drag to select as many tempo "events" as you'd like. Once selected, you are able to move all the selected tempo changes as one.

I agree still that the this is not the ideal way. Perhaps the feature should be that after clicking on (highlighting) a tempo "event", CTRL+A should select all tempo events. (And that all tempo event should have the ability of being dragged past the boundaries of the project)

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answered Dec 13, 2020 by robgregory (230 points)

Another way this can be done is to enable your 'Arranger' track, create a new section encompassing the time period/bars/phrases/sections that you want to move, then move/drag the arrangement section. This will move all instrument tracks and associated automation tracks—including tempo points—that lay underneath the arrangement section you created. Hope this helps! smiley