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Sync tempo to external MIDI or audio, and record as automation on tempo track

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asked Nov 8, 2020 in Recording by mvcurran (240 points)
I would like ability to recording changes to tempo made while recording live, and also have external MIDI gear drive the tempo.

For example, I may have a setup with an external drum machine, sequenced bass synth, and possible live audio/MIDI from an additional synthesizer, as well as audio from vocal and/or guitar. I am trying to cope with if at some point within a song the tempo is changed, how to keep the recording accurate. This would likely be controlled by a tempo knob on whichever instrument is set up as the master clock.

I think the first problem is tracking the song's tempo within StudioOne. In my case I have a MIDI tempo that all other gear in the setup recognizes, aside from StudioOne. I have seen other requests which may be more for audio-driven beat detection but either way I think there is a need for external tempo control. I have both MIDI tempo detection and audio beat detection in hardware synth so it'd seem possible in DAW.

And I think the second problem is there needs to be a way to record the external tempo such as treating the Tempo track like other automation tracks where the changes in value are recorded as the live performance is occurring.

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answered Nov 9, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
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answered Oct 18, 2022 by hansdriesen (150 points)
Up through the current manual, the statement is made that MIDI clock is insufficiently accurate.  It may not be perfect, but as the post mentions, much other gear can follow the start/stop and tempo from, say, a drum machine, and it's good enough to work with.  Having S1 do the same would increase my use of it quite a bit.  As it is, I'm incentivized to do a lot of work offline.