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No editing of Fat Channel in DAW Mode

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asked Feb 10, 2018 in StudioLive CS18Ai by robertnelson5 (260 points)
Having a really difficult time getting my new CS18AI to cooperate in DAW mode.   I am running it wirelessly because I have no AVB network.  It's on the same wireless network as my computer running Studio One 3.  There are some buttons and functionality that just don't work.  For instance, 3rd party presets cannot be edited by the CS18AI, only the Presonus ones.  I cannot find how to load a Preset using only the CS.......the load and save buttons have NEVER lit up or worked, even when trying to edit a section in the Fat Channel.  The plugin parameter for Fat Channel do NOT show up graphically in my touch screen window, only the value shows in the right hand corner.

If I can't load a preset from CS, edit a non-Presonus preset from CS, or edit the Fat Channel, this puppy is going to get returned.

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