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Same issue. Sound stops every 5mn. changing the buffer size set the sound back on. Please Help, thank you.

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asked Feb 13, 2018 in AudioBox USB by jolcrouzet (130 points)
Operating system : Windows 7 64bits

Motherboard :

CPU : AMD FX 4100 - 4 cores


Graphic card : Nvidia Geforce GTX 650
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answered Feb 14, 2018 by joeljossie (5,340 points)
Same (or similar) issue for me. AudioBox iTwo, Windows 10 64 bit, Intel i7-4710hq, 16gb ram. Audio interface is doing other weird things too, but for me switching my windows audio device fixes it for a few minutes at a time, although that time interval is random. Sometimes it's fine for an hour, other times it's back within a minute.