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Can't change buffer Control Panel & Universal Control has no settings??

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asked Feb 13 in AudioBox USB by kennethmoffett1 (170 points)

I can't change the buffer size to reduce the latency! When in a DAW (tried in Ableton & Reaper), and I click the button to make settings to the buffer, it opens Universal Control but there, it's all blank! There isn't a single setting to adjust! No checkboxes, buttons, sliders,...nothing, nada? 

I read elsewhere in the forum that for this model, I was meant to use another Presonus app called AudioBox Control Panel but i have no such thing!?

I've posted an animated gif below to illustrate but not sure it will animate or not?
Just in case it doesn't work, this should work:

The requested info...
- (Self-built PC)
- Windows 10 x64
- Universal Control v3.1.2.54970, Reaper 6 & Ableton 10
- AudioBox USB, drivers....dunno. It's bundled in the Audio Control download so...?
- Digital Mixer? It's the one in the DAW mentioned above (strange question)
- I don't see a 'More Information' area?

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answered Mar 12 by lonnikonoff (150 points)
Hi, this issue is caused by the latest version of Universal Control, I litterally just faced it !

I solved it by uninstalling the latest version (v3.2.0.56558 released february 25th 2020) and by reinstalling the previous version of the firmware, v3.1.2.54970 released november 19th, 2020. It works just as it should now and I'll wait for a future patch, hope this helps you and anybody who encounters this ! :)