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Central Station and Apollo 8P Phasey

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asked Feb 16, 2018 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by austinkursave (120 points)
I've got a studio that runs a live stream using an X32 Rack and we do recordings in the studio through an Apollo 8p. I've recently purchased a Central Station so i can change what we hear in the monitors between the X32 and Apollo. When we set it up initially we ran out of the central station TRS to XLR Male to the speakers. I then hooked up balanced TRS cables from the output of the Apollo and X32 to the Central Station. Here's the weird part. The Apollo sounded super phasey and WAY too wide, the low end disappears as well, while the X32 is in mono for some reason. I took the central station out of the equation and plugged straight into the speakers from both the X32 and the Apollo and it sounds great. Can anyone explain why this would be happening? I thought we may have purchased a broken Central Station. I'm ready to return the Central Station unless someone can explain how to fix it or why this would be happening. Would TS 1/4" be a better option? If so, not sure why that would make sense considering all the inputs/outputs should be balanced. Thanks.

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