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Notion 5 Won't Open (0xc0000142

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asked Nov 27, 2015 in Notion by michaelbond1 (160 points)

Notion 5 was working fine the last time I used it a few weeks ago.
Now when I try to open it, I get the message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application."
I have installed the latest version of Notion, but it has made no difference and I have run sfc /scannow which found no problems. Does anyone know where the problem lies?

Michael Bond

2 Answers

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answered Dec 1, 2015 by TechSupport77 (195,970 points)
edited Dec 23, 2015 by TechSupport77

Here is a link to the announcement in our forum for updated information on this issue.

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answered Dec 7, 2015 by ChrisS23 (13,770 points)
This issue that was connected to the November 1511 Windows 10 update, has now been resolved for Notion 5. You can go to and log into your account to get the new update. You will find it under My Products>Software>Notion 5. It is version 5.2.381 that resolves the issue. Being that it is now live, simply download the installer for Notion5 and run it right on top of what you already have to avoid having to re-install your Sounds.

We are currently applying the same fix for Notion4 and Notion Conducting which shouldn't be much longer. Thanks again for all of your patience.