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My audio files come up as colors only....there is no sound..Help!

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asked Feb 20 in Studio One 3 by chrisnella (120 points)
  • HP AMD Quad Core 6GB RAM
  • Windows 10 
  • 2.6
  • Tascam US-122  last drivers made
Whenever I try to bring up a song saved in Documents/Songs folder, the wav. /mp3/ come up in colors only, there is no sound...The files are not "missing" becasue I tried to do a locate missing files and the program tells me No files are missing " I have the songs folder mapped as user>documents>StudioOne>Songs.  When I open the folders the files are there..when I try to do a drag and drop, there is still no sound.  When I go to the song pool, all the songs have a red spider and say Unknown format but in the folder i have them as .mp3.
The songs are in the same place where I left them but they have no visable wav. or audible sound.
I have NEVER had any problems before...however I did copy the folder for hard drive backup purposes recently but besides that everything is the same.
Please help...

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