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User-configurable mouse actions

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asked Feb 25, 2018 in Look and Feel by tvonsv (1,750 points)

[This is related to other requests, but a bit more general than the ones I've found - hence my decision to post it]

TL;DR: please introduce user-configurable mouse behavior (for the main windows: arrangement, editor, console, etc); including single/double clicking, dragging, for all mouse buttons, with usual modifiers, and the settings of main parameters (e.g., speed of scrolling).

Long version: Studio One already allows users to configure most keyboard shortcuts. This is a great feature! However, the actions involving the mouse are not; it would be nice if they were as well, since so many interactions involve the use of the mouse. When defaults don't align with user preferences (or their instinctive reactions), it can be particularly frustrating and noticeably slow down the workflow.

Therefore, please allow users to configure their mouse actions just like keyboard shortcuts, especially for the arrangement, console and editor views. In particular, that would include the various mouse actions (single and double clicking, dragging), for all mouse buttons (L/M/R - maybe even the additional buttons that many mice have?), and with the usual modifiers (ctrl/alt/shift and their combinations). Also, it would be great to be able to configure the main parameters for some actions; for instance, the scrolling in the arrangement is too slow for my taste, being able to make it faster would be a great improvement.

Here are some of the things I personally do not like with the current defaults; importantly, all of them would be immediately resolved by making mouse actions fully user-configurable.

1. No ability to grab with the mouse in order to move within the arrangement/editor. Coupled with 2., this makes SO's interface feel (to me) quite static and painful to use compared to most current software.

2. As mentioned earlier, the speed of scrolling with the mousewheel in the arrangement window is too slow for me.

3. The scrolling directions in the arrangement & editor windows are the reverse of what I would ideally want (i.e., I would like to use shift for vertical scrolling, and no modifier for horizontal scrolling).

4. I do not want to use the MMB menu to switch mouse tools, I use the function keys for that (or sometimes the RMB on an empty spot). Instead, I would want to configure the MMB click to perform some other action, like triggering one specific mouse tool without selecting it (e.g., the MMB click could always mute the selected event, but not affect the current mouse tool selection).

5. While being fairly satisfied with the current state of mouse behavior in the console view, I can imagine some workflow improvements if it was configurable as well.

For comparison, Reaper's defaults are not particularly great (in my opinion). However, since all keyboard and mouse actions are fully editable, I am able to configure it so that the workflow is just as I want it, making the software noticeably more enjoyable and intuitive to use.

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answered Mar 29, 2018 by AlexTinsley (828,210 points)
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answered Aug 5, 2018 by alinoprea1 (410 points)
One of the main things that for me (with a big template) let me stay with my my old DAW is the awful scrolling speed in Studio One.

I don't really have time for invest 1hour in scrolling every day... :()
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by sethshirazi (170 points)
I logged in just to upvote this
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answered Jul 7, 2019 by bradleyszyperski (1,130 points) for MAC OSX Users.
It's Free and its EVERYTHING your looking for.
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answered May 21 by johannesasal (150 points)
Configurable scroll speed should be priority number one. Studio One is unusable for me because of the sluggish scrolling.