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"Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel". Zoom Improvement.

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asked Jan 4 in Look and Feel by AlexIk5938 (1,060 points)
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Hello, PreSonus team.

    In the arrangement window, with horizontal zoom (Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel), the focus is on the vertical axis where the cursor is located, and it's really great. However, there is one drawback. It concerns cases when you need to zoom in to the very beginning of the track; this is impossible unless you maybe aim the mouse at the very first pixel of the arrangement window.

    The solution is simple. I noticed it in some other programs (not just DAW's), and it was really convenient:
So, when the mouse cursor hover the track control area or an empty area for creating tracks(watch the video)
yt, zooming (Shift+Ctrl+Mouse Wheel) should focus on the zero coordinates of the arrangement window.
Drawbacks: There are no drawbacks because the Shift+Ctrl+Mouse Wheel combination over the track control panel does nothing, even when the cursor hovers the volume slider or any other things.

Regards, Alex.


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