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Improved zooming with keyboard modifiers and mouse wheel [with video for clarification]

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asked Jan 25, 2021 in Editing by bjrnglitscher (2,090 points)
I am very much struggling with one oddity when it comes to zooming with the mouse while using the keyboard modifiers. Say I am working an a certain part of an event and have it zoomed in. For some reason I need to zoom out to get a bigger picture, then I want to zoom in again. Unfortunately S1 basically forgets where I have been before and just scrolls back to same point of the screen where my event has been when I was on a different zoom level. In Logic i.e. i click on an event with the Marquee tool and as long as the marker remains there this specific part will always remain in the center of my zoom movements.

I made a video to clarify the issue I have in S1 and how it is solved in Logic Pro X:

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answered Feb 19, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)
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