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Step Record is not recording

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asked Mar 1, 2018 in Studio One 3 by andrewbaldwin2 (110 points)


I have just purchased Studio One Professional  to replace Cakewalk.

My problem is I am trying to step record following the instructions in the manual

I have enabled  it as per the Screen Shot

When I play the Instrument on my Midi Keyboard (Alesis Q88) I can hear the sound but it does not Step record
When I use the normal Record function and record I play notes and it records fine

Any help will be appreciated

Windows 10 64 bit
32 G Ram

Thanks Andrew

PS apart from this minor issue (probably a user issue) I am very impressed and money well spent

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answered Mar 2, 2018 by andrewbailey2 (310 points)
Hi all

No answer yet, I would like assistance if possible

I'm pretty sure its something basic I am doing wrong.

I did manage to get it to work but only after I record live on the track, then If I step record it works, however if I delete the part I recorded live, it reverts back to me being unable to step record on that track

Any assistance would be great

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answered Mar 3, 2018 by andrewbailey2 (310 points)
Double click on the track at bar 1 to arm it and it will work
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answered Mar 7, 2018 by glenndobson (140 points)
Make sure you use the paint tool in the edit view to select an area to record.
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answered Dec 22, 2019 by craigvreeken (140 points)
Andrew, I am having the exact same issue.  I know I got it to work before, but it's not working now, and I do think I am doing something wrong or missing a step.  Did you ever get it figured out?