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Sub menu plug in controls on Faderport series

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asked Mar 2, 2018 in FaderPort 8 or 16 Feature Requests by paulherlihy (1,210 points)
So I have seen a lot of votes on extending the edit plug ins function on the FaderPort 8/16. I would like to add to this much over due and needed feature by requesting that it be implemented but with an added twist. Instead of just being able to bank through all of the on screen plugins controls with the FaderPort, which it should do, I would also like to be able to sub menu certain controls beneath others on the fader port.

For example the Presonus eq, as it shows up now it only gives the gain controls on the faders. Not entirely useless but very lacking. When I hit the edit plug ins option on the Faderport and those gain controls come up when I choose the eq, I would like to be able to then select one of the gain faders assigned to its frequency range, say low mids, and when I do so the Faderport updates and spills out across the faders all the controls associated with that frequency band. Gain, Q, Frequency, bybass and any other controls related to that section of the plug-in.

I would like to take this a little bit further as well and make this feature user definable. Meaning I can edit this sub menu spill out of fader controls to contain what ever parameters with in the plug in that I choose to associate with that main menu parameter that initially spilled out when I chose to edit that plugin. I hope that I have explained myself clearly.

To recap, not only should we be able to bank through all parameters in an open plugin but I would also like to be able to select a parameter and have the Faderport update to show only that parameter and all user defined parameters associated with it.  Please comment if you like this idea or not or maybe have a better idea.  Thanks

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by paulherlihy (1,210 points)
11 views and only two votes that are negative. No explanations as to why you think this is a bad idea............trolls.