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Does the EarMix 16M work with a RM32AI ?

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asked Mar 7 in Ai Mixers by garyrosenthal (120 points)
Is the RM32AI AVB compatible?

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answered Mar 22 by bassape (190 points)
I have the RML32AI and it is AVB compatible. I'm wondering if the earmix16 is compatible with the RML32AI as well.
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answered Jun 18 by IndexJazz (160 points)

You can integrate an Earmix system to your AI setup. It's a bit of workaround & you'll have to add a Series III 16R anyway. As per the manual, your RM32 d-sub direct outs would connect to the line ins of your 16R. The 16R then sends audio to the Earmix network, controls via UC Surface. 16R analog outputs can be used to send audio to floor wedges. See diagram on page 13