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Carrying case for Earmix Units

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asked Sep 14, 2020 in EarMix 16M by EagleAge (470 points)
We need a carrying case for four Earmix units. The foam should allow the mount brackets to remain installed. Four Earmix units should sit next to each other, 2 rows, 2 per row, like a square. An internal hinged lid should close over the top of the units and allow a 2" or so compartment for 4x cat5e cables and the 4 power adapters if used.

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answered Sep 17, 2020 by jonnydoyle (401,950 points)
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Contact you preferred flight case company. Give them your specs and they can build you a case. PreSonus does not make flight cases.

This will help.

Height 1.8” (46 mm) Width 9.4” (239 mm) Depth 7.6” (193 mm) Weight 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg)
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answered Jul 10 by djangob (1,170 points)
We are looking for as well.... for carrying two units on tour.  Even a canvas zippered bag for each unit to protect while in with other small equipment in a road case would work.