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FR: enhanced track templates (whatever combination of tracks saveable to a "trackpreset")

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asked Mar 8, 2018 in Studio One 3 by nickaa (1,550 points)
with these track template presets you'll be able to load a userdefinable count/layout of multiple tracks you have created/stored yourself into an open song, via drag&drop from your browser - just as you prefer them, based on your individual workflow.

here's what it means in detail:
basically whatever track combination you have set up - be it a multitimbral/multiout instrument like f.e. kontakt or superior drummer with a track per instrument with separate midi channels or multiple instances of monotimbral/stereoout with each their own track, even audio tracks that you set up according to your default needs with insert/send effects - whatever combination of tracks you prefer as a track template, with or without events - highlight the tracks you'd want to include into that preset, rightclick to "save as track template" or, while the tracks are highlighted, drag one of the highlighted ones to the browser where you want the track template to be stored as one file. actually the handling could be close to the one used when creating musicloops.

the end result should be one file in the browser, that, like musicloops can be loaded per drag&drop onto a free section of the arrange view, for all channels, mixerstrips, events, insert fx and send fx with their respective return channels are loaded, just as you have saved them to the track template preset.

the track template preset should also be expandable like the musicloops, showing its contents to be accessible individually.

this way you could easily create several track template presets for your goto instruments, not having to set them up manually each and every time, or you f.e. want to record your favorite vocalist into an existing song you currently work on, so you know you need a mono audio track, an eq, a compressor, a de-esser and a send to a delay and a reverb including their return channels (you name it). as you know the vocalist, you probably know the setup you need. now, with a track template preset you set everything up as you need it - once - then save it and you're able to load the configuration with one drag&drop.
and so on. i guess you get what i mean.

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by robertgray3 (42,190 points)

+1, track templates should definitely include any kind of tracks that the user decides should go together as a package.

There's a similar feature request that focuses on getting Audio track templating to a similar level as Multi-Instrument patches here. There's some overlap with your FR so maybe check it out and vote if you agree:

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by nickaa (1,550 points)

hi robert,

i know that feature request you mention and i was actually thinking about placing mine - but the other one is way too limited imho, hence i created my request anyway, calling it "enhanced", so people might understand, that these track template presets are not only focussed on audio tracks, but on whatever track type and track count in any combination. which to me makes way more sense, as it opens a much broader use of the idea.

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answered Apr 22, 2018 by LHandley (3,490 points)
This is an AWESOME idea! I already use templates, but they just have tracks set up for monotimbral VST's and some audio tracks. Since I have upwards of 30 VST instrument plugins, and often might want to use multitimbral instances of, say SampleTank, Kontact, HALion, etc, this would be a tremendous time saver. It would keep you from having to create a template for every conceivable combination of mono/multi timbral track configurations you might need.

Definitely voting this one up!
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answered Nov 19, 2018 by samirelborno (8,370 points)

and it should be possible to drag multiple of those made presets anywhere into the Song not just adding it below all existing tracks like the current import method does!