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Track Templates

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asked Apr 2 in Mixing by lucaspetruzzini (410 points)
Those of us who joined Studio One from Sonar (and there are MANY of us) are badly missing Sonar's most beloved feature - track (or channel) templates. With one click, we were able to insert a track/channel that had already been set up in a previous mix, for a particular type of instrument. A track template could have any number of outputs, busing, effects EQ, dynamics, panning, gain, color etc., already built into it, which was tremendously helpful in reducing production time.

Currently in S1 (unless I'm mistaken), we have to rebuild unique tracks from scratch, every time. The closest feature I've found in S1 is the ability to save an FX chain, which is only a small part of what was available with track templates. Opening another song template just to find that perfectly configured track/channel and then copying it, simply isn't an effective solution.

It would be amazing if you guys could build this feature into upcoming releases of Studio One 3!

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answered Apr 2 by robertgray3 (16,990 points)
selected Apr 12 by AlexTinsley
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Hi Lucas,

There's a feature request for this already here at the link I put. Please add another vote to it. Everyone can vote once on a FR and they tend to implement the feature requests with the highest amount or votes or the ones that are large oversights for popular features.

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answered May 30 by edgarstephens (150 points)
It appears that in Studio One version 4, you essentially have song templates serving as track templates. You can select import song data and then select what portion of the song you would like to import, but this really doesn't come close to the functionality and speed of having true track templates, This really would speed up your workflow greatly and you are correct, Sonar got this one right. Right clicking in the track area and import track template was so fast. You really only need two main templates, Song templates and track templates, and you essentially already have song templates and you already have fx chain presets, so this is so close.. Studio One..such a great DAW! This will make it even greater.