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flexible customisable docking system with userdefinable screensets

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asked Mar 8, 2018 in Studio One 3 by nickaa (1,570 points)
edited Mar 8, 2018 by nickaa

the idea:
being able to set up the workspace the way you want it, based on the task or preference of working, being able to save multiple workspace layouts to keycommands, so you can recall a screenset (i.e. your personal workspace setup) with a simple keycommand.

in detail:
instead of working with multiple windows (which nevertheless should be possible, should one prefer to work that way), i would like to see a very flexible docking system for all windows of studio one. f.e. i am on a tripple screen system. two main screens which show studio ones window and one screen for analyzer/metering. 
now, whenever i f.e. doublecklick a midi event, the editor pops up below the arrange - but spreads over both main screens. which is what i do not want - i would prefer the midi editor to open only on the left main screen below the arrange. on the right main screen i still would like to see the mixing console. same behavior goes for the audio editor - which also spans over both screens and which i also would want to restrict to the left main screen.
now, with a flexible docking system, one could achieve all that (and more), effectively being able to set up the screen to your liking - everything goes where you want it to, everything is only visible if you want it and where you want it to be visible.
and with storable screensets, one can set up the workspace exactly based on his task. f.e. one for audio editing, one for midi editing, one for mixing, etc. each recallable with just one keystroke. 
biggest time saver ever. think about it - the idea is simple:
noone knows better than you - as it was you who laid it out - and you did so for a good reason.

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