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Eris E5 Input Gain and Power Consumption

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asked Mar 12 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by michaelbaker12 (120 points)
I am confused by the Input Gain control and how this affects power consumption. I want to install an array of ER5 monitors together with a large subwoofer for a virtual pipe organ in my home and am concerned, for safety reasons, about the potential current draw. I used to assume that current draw is roughly proportional to the "volume" setting of an amplifier; because I do not play at excessive volumes, there was not much risk of tripping a circuit breaker (or, worse, a circuit breaker failing to trip when it should!). However, the ER5 has an "Input Gain" rather than "Volume". Does this mean that the power stage of its amplifier is always drawing current at maximum (which could be an issue for a large array)?

Thanks in advance.


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