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F2 on Contralto voices missing

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asked Mar 14, 2018 in Notion Feature Requests by oraziotesta (1,450 points)
Hi, lately I've been using Notion to write down my counterpoint exercises and I noticed that anytime I write an F2 on a Contralto chorus section, the note doesn't play. According to my counterpoint book, contralto voices range from G2 (but could reach down to F2) to C4 (and could go up to D4). The two notes in brackets are commonly used just as passing grades because they're either too high or too low and need to be approched in a comfortable way by the singer. D4 is covered, but F2 is missing. Is there a plan to add it anytime soon?

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answered Apr 19, 2018 by TechSupport77 (195,950 points)
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I will move this post over to the Feature Requests section of this system, being that it is a request to expand the range of the vocal sounds in the program.

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Apr 19, 2018 by oraziotesta (1,450 points)
Alright Brian, sorry if I posted in the wrong section.