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Assign mixer channels to empty instrument tracks

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asked Mar 20, 2018 in Studio One 3 by louislawyer (280 points)
I'm looking to assign mixer channels to empty instrument tracks in studio one 3 current version. This is to establish fader surface connections in song templates. Any idea how to do this?

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Win10/64 current

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answered Apr 13, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)
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Not possible.  For Instrument tracks the mixer channels would only ever come from an instrument.
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answered Apr 22, 2018 by LHandley (3,180 points)

Unlike most music production software, in Studio One, there's no direct correlation between a track and a mixer channel. Mixer channels are associated with instruments, not tracks (which makes no sense, but...). Here's a couple of workarounds for this that I have found.

  1. Assign an instance of 'New Multi Instrument' to your new tracks. This will generate a mixer channel for that track, but if there are no instruments loaded into the multi 'container', resource usage (and extra load time for the template), is not excessive.
  2. Assign any regular instrument to the track, then DISABLE the instrument. This will also get you a mixer channel, but Studio One will not load disabled instruments so resource usage stays low. The drawback here is that, if you color code your tracks, they will appear grayed out until you enable an instrument on them. Make sure you disable and not just bypass, in which case Studio One will still load the instrument.
Both of these are rather cheesy in my opinion, but until PreSonus decides to make it a user choice to keep tracks and channels as completely separate entities, this is the best I have found to do.