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More vertical space in Universal Control Parametric EQ

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asked Mar 24 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by danielsievert (1,570 points)

I'm having issues with the fact that the Parametric EQ band points are able to hit the very bottom of the available space in the EQ curve window.  Particularly when using Universal Control on a touch-screen it can make the band point almost impossible to select and drag without activating the nearest band-select tab (which may be a different band to the one I'm trying to adjust).

Would it be possible to add some space into the bottom of the EQ curve window to:

A: allow easier selection of the EQ band points near the bottom of the window?

B: allow the frequency labels (20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz etc.) to be placed directly under their relevant lines - rather than to the right of the lines)?

It would be very helpful if the vertical scaling of the EQ could adjust for more 'control resolution' or even if a full-screen version of the EQ could be displayed for touchscreen use. (Also making EQ bands only selectable via a click rather than mouse-hover)

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answered Mar 29 by AlexTinsley (733,700 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Apr 18 by jasonlaprade (1,120 points)
selected May 5 by danielsievert
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I think you should be able to do a full screen view on EQ.  The graph EQ too, with a way to scroll through the frequencies so that each band is easier to grab.  Or maybe two levels of faders so you can see them all on the same screen.