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Frequency selection on 6-band parametric eq

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asked May 12 in StudioLive Series III by carlbrubaker (220 points)
I am looking at purchasing a StudioLive 32SX. I am trying to figure out if the 4 or 6 band parametric eq bands are stepped, or if I can select any frequency I want. Is it like:

50, 100, 200 (just an example)

or like:

101, 102, 103, 104 (etc)

I have an issue with feedback and I was hoping to use it to notch out the problem frequencies. I've scoured the web to the best of my ability on this issue, but came up empty. Thanks!

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answered May 16 by danielsievert (10,380 points)
selected May 16 by carlbrubaker
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The resolution of frequencies on the parametric EQ's is quite fine. You can type in a number and it won't round to the nearest increment (like a Soundcraft for example).