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Can the SL16 III be expanded to 32 Live Ch. via 2 NSB 16.8's. Basically 32 Ch. on 2 Layers like the Yamaha QL1

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asked Mar 26, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by toddjonesmusic (160 points)
So basically I'm looking for a small sized 32Ch. mixer. I use the Yamaha QL1 at my Job but can't really afford that. It controls 32 ch. but only has 16 local head amps(pre-amps). The QL1 can be connected to a 32 or 16ch Stagebox.  I like the small size but need more than 16ch. So if the StudioLive 16 III can be connected to 2 NSB 16.8's That would give me 32ch on 2 Layers. Presonus does not advertise this. Seems to me this would be a huge selling feature. The just say (32 internal ch) but spell it out please! lol Cheers!

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answered May 29, 2018 by benpierce (98,890 points)
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Yes the SL III 16 can do 32 channels over AVB. you can use 2 NSB 16.8s or the 16 inputs on the console and 1 NSB 16.8. The NSBs have preamps built in.