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Is it possible to use StudioLive 16 series iii + 2 NSB 16.8s + 2 Computers sending virtual tracks?

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asked Apr 19, 2018 in Networked Stage Box by mattjohnson25 (150 points)
Hi there! I am looking to purchase a new mixer for our youth band, and I need it to: \

1. Be rack mountable

2. Have a control surface

3. Have 16 preamps in the mixer

4. Network an additional 24-32 preamps over Cat5

6. Network two different mac laptops over Dante or AVB (one for running up to 16 backing tracks, and one for playing virtual instruments with a midi controller).

Is this possible with a StudioLive 16 series iii? Possibly by networking computers and two NSB 16.8 units?

Thank you!


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answered May 25, 2018 by benpierce (99,400 points)
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1. You can buy rack ears for the SL series III console

2. It has a control surface

3. It has 16 preamps

4. It can record and playback up to 38 channels via USB, or up to 55 channels via AVB Ethernet. So you could add NSBs for extra preamps.

6. You could do 2 computers potentially. To do AVB it has to be an AVB compatible Mac.