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Any documentation on how to setup 2 Series iii consoles (FOH and monitors) using one NSB 16.8 box?

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asked Apr 4, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by robertweston2 (5,220 points)
Equipment:  2 x Studiolive Series iii 32   1 x NSB 16.8   

There's a lot of videos and plenty of documentation on how to setup a SL Series iii console showing FOH and monitors run from a single console.  However, (as of this posting) there does not appear to be much of any documentation (or videos) on how to setup an NSB stage box(s) to cover two (2) consoles - monitors and FOH.  There is some documentation that shows 2 consoles connecting to the same stage box, but that's where the documentation appears to end.

Assuming using only 1 NSB 16.8... it appears the NSB stage boxes provide for 8 returns (a group of 8) to be allocated to one console.  If these 8 returns are allocated to the monitor console, then how does a FOH L/R return get routed through the the FOH console?  Can 2 consoles have control over the same 8 returns at the same time?

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answered Apr 7, 2022 by luketraxler (1,930 points)
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Your FOH StudioLive will need to use the "regular" NSB AVB Sends 1-8 (Not-GC).

This will give the FOH console gain-staging control over the inputs of the NSB.

Then, assign your output sources to the NSB from only one console.

On the Monitor Console, you will need to use the "GC" or Gain-Compensated streams NSB Sends 1-8 (GC).

This will provide the Monitor Console +/- around 20 dB Trim from the signal set by the FOH console.

This should allow both consoles to share inputs from the NSB with FOH setting the initial gain-staging.