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When iPhone is connected to mixer and not yet configured, set default to NO privileges, not ALL Aux privileges.

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asked Dec 1, 2015 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Dale Christenson (4,160 points)
edited Jul 22, 2016 by Dale Christenson
This request is based on a scenario that I run across frequently.

I start up a new band and get the first person connected to my network. The second and third people are watching and connect themselves. Now all three are looking at their app saying, "I'm not (name of Aux 1 band member here)." Well, I have not assigned them yet.

Or even worse is that they don't remind me (in the heat of getting things finalized) and start messing with the mix they aren't actually listening to messing up their mate's mix.

'nuff said.

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answered Dec 2, 2015 by stingray1122 (7,700 points)

Thank you for your request. We'll be using the voting system on these requests to help us prioritize new feature for upcoming releases.

Ray Tantzen, Senior Product Manager - PreSonus

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answered Feb 28, 2016 by scotttitus (1,210 points)
Not just Qmix but all wireless devices