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How to efficiently route & separate backing tracks, click and guide tracks?

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asked Apr 15, 2018 in Ai Mixers by adamskillen1 (320 points)

My Problem:

I have built some backing tracks in Logic Pro X.  I have a separate track for each instrument, a click track and a guide track.  What I need to understand is how to most efficiently setup the signal routing so that I can minimize the number of channels that I have to dedicate to “Firewire” sources, leaving more channels for instruments.  Also, how can I ensure that the click and guide tracks are only heard in the monitors I choose and not in the mains? I think I can just send all the instrument tracks to the same bus and mute the ones we don’t want from within the DAW, then send the click and guide to their own separate bus and route those to our monitors, but setting that up from within UC is proving to be rather complicated for me to grasp…

To add to the complexity of my situation, we will be playing in a venue that has a FOH board and a fairly inexperienced engineer running sound for the venue.  As I understand it, the board is a PreSonus board, but I don’t yet know what kind.  I would like the ability to control the backing tracks start/stop from the stage, as well as decide what tracks to include or exclude from within my DAW.

Would it be best to use my RML32AI to run our monitor mix instead of the existing system?  How do I send clean tracks (minus the click & guide) to FOH and still have click and guide in our monitors?

Can someone with experience help me make sense of all this?  Thank you!

My equipment:

StudioLive RML32AI, StudioLive CS18AI, PreSonus SW5E AVB Switch, Wireless Router, CAT 5 Cables, a long 250’ CAT5 cable on a reel, FireWire 800 cable with the Thunderbolt to FireWire adaptor, PreSonus HP2 Wired IEM, Power Conditioner, Power amps, mics, speakers and all the cables and trimmings.

An iMac 21.5" (Late 2015) 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 with 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Memory running the current version 10.13.3 macOS High Sierra

An iPad with UC Surface and an iPhone with QMix-UC

The following programs; Universal Control version, Capture 2 version, StudioOne 3 Artist version with Plug-Ins galore and I also have Logic Pro X.

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