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MIDI playback through keyboard

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asked Feb 5 in Studio One 4 by rnasto (190 points)
  • Your Computer Make and Model
    • Lenovo Yoga 370
  • Operating System and Version
    • Window 10
  • Application Version
    • Studio 4
  • Audio Interface and it's Driver Version
    • Conexant SmartAudio HD
  • Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version
    • n/a
  • What is the setup and what were you doing that led up to the error or situation is that brought you here
    • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-705
Hello, I have used my USB A/B to go from my Yamaha CVP-705 to my laptop running Studio One 4.  I am able to receive MIDI input, but cannot playback my MIDI files from Studio One through my CVP705.  I have set the devices on the MIDI section of the software to receive from the Clavinova and Send to the Clavinova, but no playback.  I also checked the MIDI monitors to see and I am receiving but not transmitting from the software.  I'm not sure what is happening.  Any suggestions?
Thank you, Rich

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answered Feb 8 by PreSonuSupt4 (219,890 points)
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Please read the Studio One reference manual section below on how to setup an External Instrument Device.

asked Feb 12 in Studio One 4 by rnasto (190 points) Not solved