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Can I use Studio1 or Capture to load pre-paid backing tracks, create mulititrack s 4 lives playback

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asked May 6, 2017 in Ai Mixers by jackmurray (150 points)

Can you use Capture or Studio2 to load pre made DAW backing tracks and use them for live playback with a band? The problem I am having is that with my current method I am creating backtracks for a song, (Uptown Funk for example) then panning all the audio hard right and the click hard left. After much experimentation I have found that many of the audio tracks I purchased have both right and left mixed together and I am losing all "depth" idea, through capture or whatever, is to run each DAW track to pre assigned channels on my Presonus  24.4.2 StudioLive AI, (backup vox, extra guitars, keys, percussion...etc) panned to the center so I regain right/left pan then running the click track always to ....say channel 24 and panning hard left, then assigning that click track channel to an "AUX" and sending it back to the drummers mixer via AUX, giving him his separate click. I have 30+ songs with backing tracks spread between 50 or so total broken into 5 sets and want to use Capture or Studio2 as my playback source on stage live.... Is this do-able? Realistic? Any help would be appreciated 

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answered May 31, 2017 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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Yes. This is exactly what you want to do.

Use Studio One for flexibility.

Simple create the output tracks in S1, assign those to the Tracks to want to playback. Engage the Digital Return on the same channels on the mixer. Mix and route how you wish.

NOTE: Stereo Tracks will need TWO Digital Return channels (23 & 24 Digital Return, linked for ST, etc.)