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Often have difficulty voting or answering in forum -- told to login or register

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asked Apr 19, 2018 in MyPreSonus Questions by trevorhanson (1,210 points)
edited Apr 19, 2018 by trevorhanson
Frequently, after searching the forums and Q&As, I try to vote up a request or add an answer but am told to "login or register" -- despite my profile being visible at the upper right of the screen. I generally log out and log back in. Sometimes everything works and I'm able to vote/answer. But sometimes I go into a redirect loop as the auth_login link tries to do something. Sometimes I just get back to the same "login or register" dialogue as if I'm not logged in. I've deleted cookies a few times and tried this with different browsers. So far I've always been able to get myself to a state where I can comment, eventually...but sometimes the process takes many iterations. Does anybody have an idea what might be causing this? Am I the only one with problems? If this affects many users it would greatly deter people from contributing to the forums, which would be a Bad Thing.

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answered Apr 19, 2018 by AlexTinsley (917,810 points)
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We don't have a single sign on for the Answers system or for the Forum once you're inside the system.

Even after you've logged into, you'll need to log into and/or

Apologies for the inconvenience.
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answered Apr 20, 2018 by trevorhanson (1,210 points)
But...that's kind of my point. When I click on the 'login' link, I'm not taken to a login page, but to the main forum page (or whatever) that *always shows my current account on the upper right*. I'm not given the option to login. I need to logout of whatever context I was in and log back in. And half the time I get to a redirect loop. So I don't mind if I need to log into each system. But it's often not easy or even possible to do so. Perhaps the login from one is somehow polluting the attempt to login to the other? If it would be helpful and nobody's aware of this, I could take screen shots of the sequence. Again, if this is happening to many people it will be suppressing the level of forum involvement that we want.
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answered Apr 20, 2018 by robertgray3 (41,710 points)
This might be browser-specific, could depend on cookie settings too, you may have to provide Support through Presonus Knowledge Base with your Operating System and the Browser you are using. It's a little finicky on iOS Safari but no endless looping for me yet (thank the lord)
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answered Apr 20, 2018 by trevorhanson (1,210 points)
Thanks, Robert. As I said I have experienced this with multiple browsers and have deleted cookies. All under Windows 10. Oh well, I'm eventually able to get to the point where I can post, usually after several iterations of logging out and logging back in. By the way, Alex Tinsley, I don't see any sign of a separate login for Answers. When I click on either 'login' option on the Answers page it takes me to If I am already logged in, I get the redirect loop. If I'm not, it lets me login, and that's the path by which I'm eventually able to post to Answers.
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answered Sep 26, 2018 by joeypinter-bilek (1,020 points)
i find this to be a very confusing forum, after 15 minutes i was finally able ti ask a question, however, there is no way to thank or comment on the person that answered my question.
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answered Mar 22 by GTRtice (1,590 points)
The whole thing is confusing and a total deterrent to participating, which in turn affects the outcomes of feature requests for things we NEED in this DAW. I LOVE Studio One and Presonus, but this voting system and separate login jazz is a mess. We deserve a better system.