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Login displays an "Unknown error"

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asked Apr 18, 2020 in MyPreSonus Questions by sakuaaltonen1 (150 points)

I'm trying to make a long story short.

I recently bought a laptop and couldn't remember my password so I changed it which I found out to be quite difficult. The site for changing the password kept refreshing itself with every single device and browser, except with my old Win7 PC using Firefox.

I managed to change the password, but now every PC I've tried displays an "Unknown error" when trying to login using the new password. Meaning, I have no access to the site and thus I cannot download Studio One to my new PC.

I'm currently logged in with an android phone, which seems to be only device working.

I have tried deleting browse history, cookies, tried chrome, firefox and opera browser with no luck. I really hope this is just me being close to senile with computers rather than a system related issue. Any help?

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answered Jul 30, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,340 points)
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In situations like this contact our support team at so they can assist you.