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Dustcover for SL32III

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asked Apr 27, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by MikeBuhl (330 points)

I'm looking for a dustcover fore my brandnew SL32III console. Would the SL 32.4.2 ai cover fit? Or is it planned to come up with a new product?



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answered Apr 27, 2018 by PreSonuSales3 (15,120 points)
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The 32.4.2AI cover is not designed to fit the 32 Series III.

We make a new cover for Series III mixers. The part number for the 32 version is SLMAD32-COVER

You can check at your favorite PreSonus dealer or on our own website here:

We are currently out of stock in our online shop but dealers have access to them via special order and normal stock