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How do I fix my Windows phone not pairing with Ceres BT Speakers?

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asked Apr 26, 2015 in Ceres BT by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
I'm having trouble getting the Ceres BT Speakers to pair correctly with a Windows Mobile or Windows Phone device, how can I fix this?

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answered Apr 26, 2015 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
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Troubleshooting with Windows Phone or Windows Mobile requires that you delete the pairing from your phone first and then restart the pairing process. 

• If you've previously connected to the Ceres C3.5BT or Ceres C4.5BT speaker, and you want to reestablish the connection, simply select the speaker from your previously established Bluetooth devices list.

1. From the home screen, swipe down to the settings icon (the cog wheel).

2. Tap the cog wheel to be taken to the setup screen.

3. Tap where it says “Bluetooth.”

4. Ceres C3.5BT or Ceres C4.5BT will show as "Not Connected" in your devices list.

5. Select the Ceres BT entry to re-establish the pairing connection. If it connects then you're done. If not, then please continue to next part of this article.

If you've previously connected to the Ceres C3.5BT or Ceres C4.5BT and now your Windows Phone or Windows Mobile device won’t reconnect, it may be necessary to delete the pairing from the Bluetooth Remembered Devices list. 
1. To delete the entry from your Bluetooth devices list, go to your Bluetooth settings window as outlined in steps 1, 2, and 3. 
2. Click-and-hold the entry for your Ceres C3.5BT or Ceres C4.5BT, and a pop-up will appear that lets you delete.

3. Select “Delete” to remove the entry for the Ceres C3.5BT or Ceres C4.5BT from your device.

The Ceres BT speaker has now been removed from your Bluetooth device list. You can now restart the pairing process.

Please see the Windows Phone and Windows Mobile Pairing Tutorial for instructions on how to pair your Ceres BT Speakers.