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Slate Raven MTi 2 Touch Screen Better Support

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asked May 2, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by vowlumeproductions (1,330 points)
It would be fantastic to have a better multi touch integration for Slate Raven MTi 2 in Windows 10 environment :)

Thanks a lot Presonus Team

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answered May 10, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,360 points)
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answered May 15, 2018 by vowlumeproductions (1,330 points)
edited May 16, 2018 by vowlumeproductions

Some features suggestion :

  • Selecting plugins is not working with touch at this moment in Win 10 64 bit and S1 Pro 3.5.6 x64
  • Drag and drop support with windows drivers
  • While pressing SHIFT button and working with faders to do fine tuning with faders, same function as with shift+mouse
  • While using Slate plugins drug and drop inside VMR is not possiblem. (Maybe this is VMR issue or combined VMR + S1 issue with Raven)
  • A good idea would be since you support TUIO in MAC OSX to import TUIO in Windows. The protocol is supported in Windows. 10. Once that done then UPDD driver that is supported by Raven would work in Windows with no problems. That is the feedback provided from Slate team. I think is a nice idea worth looked at :)

    That's for now​

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answered May 26, 2018 by vowlumeproductions (1,330 points)
Updated report update updating from Studio One v3.5.6 to v4

V4 is great. Thanks for the new version. One slight down side comparing to v3 is the mixer usage with touch screen. While using the v3 mixer with touch screen the response was instant (for example when muting, soloing etc) in v4 the same tasks have a slight delay. For example when i press mute of a vocal track i takes a few milliseconds to apply. That can slow down the work-flow significantly.

I am using the Slate Raven MTi2 in Windows 10 with Native Windows Touch Drivers. Is it possible to get the support of TUIO drivers under Windows 10 as you support these drivers in Mac OS ?