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Feature Request: Punch In/out markers independent from loop markers or a loopable preroll.

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asked Dec 3, 2015 in Recording by danam2 (3,730 points)
edited Sep 14, 2018 by danam2
Please vote for this feature request if you want/need to "groove in" for recording a couple of takes that you want to record in a loop.

Enhancement (04.06.2018): It would be great if multiple punch ranges where possible. Something like a punch marker track similar to the chord or arranger track. That would be especially great for overdubbing only 2 or 3 words of a vocal recording for example.

One more alternative (14.09.2018): In Reaper there are no punch markers, but you can mark as many events as you like to be punched. This would mean to set punch areas for each track differently. Personally I think that punch markers are more lucid, but this surely would be the most flexible solution.

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answered Jun 26, 2017 by AlexTinsley (772,410 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. You can change your vote later if you choose.

(Here's some helpful info on how to use the voting system)

Please vote the original question / feature request. 

Please DO NOT Vote on THIS response!

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by Funkybot (20,910 points)
This is one of my biggest S1 Feature Requests. I honestly can't use loop record with auto-punch in most of my use cases because of this.
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answered Jan 5, 2016 by Scoox (11,360 points)
edited Jan 5, 2016 by Scoox
Thanks for posting this FR. Anyone who's serious about recording, not just vocals and/or instruments, but also MIDI, should be able to appreciate this FR.
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answered Aug 27, 2016 by Rosch (260 points)
Yes please. I definitely need to "groove in" let's say 4 bars before recording drops in.
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answered Oct 20, 2016 by David Mood (650 points)
Great FR.

I would just like to add, that dedicated punch-in/out markers should be located on the timeline, and not on the marker track (just like the Play Start Marker).
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answered Oct 21, 2016 by sirmonkey (2,180 points)

Yes...this...definitely. I switched from Cakewalk Music Creator 4 (a basic, stripped down $40 version of Sonar), and even that program had this function. For doing repeated guitar takes, I want to select the exact punch-in and punch-out points, without recording anything before or after. And I also want to be playing several bars before the punch-in. This function would greatly improve comping.

Please, please...can we have this? It seems like it would be fairly easy to implement compared to many other features that Studio One has.

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answered Nov 12, 2016 by michaelbruns (180 points)
Yes, thats the reason why I didn't change from Samplitude to Studio One. Please implement this feature!!!
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answered Feb 5, 2018 by sghose (550 points)
I am from Sonar.

This I used to use in every possible cases.

Should be in S1.
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answered Mar 25, 2018 by jeffreyschmitt (340 points)
Just piling on: Auto-punch independent of the loop is an extremely useful feature for recording new tracks.  For example, looping a bit before and after a solo section and being able to auto-punch into just the area where the solo is play allows the artist to quickly make several takes of the solo and then later select or comp to the best take.  It's not so much a "punch-in" as it is controlling the record area separate from the playback loop.
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answered May 23, 2018 by DrummaMan (2,390 points)
Who at Presonus/Studio One thought it wasn't needed???

Even Harrison's MixBus has it!!

And NO one yet from a Presonus rep to SOP super user has chimed in with a work-around...

Sign me : disgruntled Sonar refugee ...
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answered May 26, 2018 by DrummaMan (2,390 points)

To clarify -
Yes - Pre-Roll allows one to hear a specified number of measures before the record head (auto-punch) is engaged.

BUT - 

a lot of bands here do not record to a click, so it would be FAR more beneficial to have MARKERS independently signifying where the loop starts vs. where the auto punch-in is located.

Make sense?

Sure it does.

Thanks for your consideration.

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answered Sep 10, 2018 by DrummaMan (2,390 points)



We had it in Cakewalk (in darn near every version, at least since ProAudio, but LONG before Sonar) and
it was the #1 feature we used when tracking.

I cannot believe SOP4 did not have it.

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answered Sep 14, 2018 by bstin (1,140 points)
Just adding in support for this idea. Specifically I would prefer "independent loop / punch-in markers" rather than a specific loopable pre-roll.

It seems like a cleaner implementation to have an additional set of "record markers" which may or may not be linked to loop markers. We already have a "playhead start" marker, so this follows in same concept.
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answered Sep 25, 2018 by natfunk71 (860 points)
Why hasn't this been addressed yet? Unacceptable.
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answered Jan 16 by klloyd (160 points)
I asked for this when I first bought version 2.5, I think it was. I was using Adobe Audition and it had it.  Now I'm thinking about updating to version 4 and I came looking for things that I have always felt were a serious lacking in the product and I still see people asking for it as late as Sept 2018.  This can't be that hard to implement.
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answered Jan 28 by philangus (8,510 points)
Yep, I already requested this feature as well :-)