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Add pan pots and a better four way arrow system for zooming in and out.

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asked May 14 in FaderPort 8 or 16 Feature Requests by davidstockden (1,000 points)
edited Aug 16 by davidstockden

Pan pots on each channel would be great. I know it would cost more but makes things much easier. As would the arrow keys for zooming. A four way system like on a Mackie Control. The current system on faderport 8/16 seems a bit backwards as the arrow keys that are horizontal control the vertical zoom. With pan pots on every channel you could spill out plug in parameters across them and the scribble screens.


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answered May 18 by AlexTinsley (731,240 points)
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answered Aug 15 by jplaurendeau (610 points)
I don't miss the pan nobs but in protools the missing vertical zoom is far from ideal