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Midi Soft Takeover for Unmotorized Faders and Non-continual pots

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asked Aug 12, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by Dgamma (290 points)
Proposed function:

When Midi "Transmit Value" is off, hold the current value until the received value matches the current plugin parameter value. Once a value sent from a controller to StudioOne gets close to a in Focus plugin's assigned value, soft fade/glide to the current received value over ~100ms, then follow the received value.

Some controllers with limited faders and pots may internally do this "soft takeover". A menu option by "transmit value" to toggle "soft takeover in Focus" on and off would prevent any artifacts if both StudioOne and a controller try to do a soft takeover at the same time.

I often find myself avoiding making music because sound design and plugin control is too complicated in StudioOne. I'm too used to having hardware knobs in front of me. It's easy to assign controllers with limited midi pots and non-motorized faders to plugin parameters, but it's near impossible to actually use them. Even with focus mode, once you change to another plugin or another instrument, if you adjust a parameter in Focus, the parameter jumps to the received signal. Example:

My midi controller's knob #1 is fully right. The assigned setting is "cutoff" on a Lead synth, so the synth's cutoff is appropriately set to 20khz. I then pull up a bass synth I have, pulling it into Focus. The Lead synth's cutoff is no longer adjusted, since the bass is in focus. I want to adjust my bass synths cutoff that is already at 240hz. I want to drop the cutoff down to 120hz. As soon as I touch controller knob #1 that is fully right and relatively set to 20khz, the bass synth's cutof will jump to 20khz before I can bring it down to 120hz.

The parameter jumping makes it really difficult to comfortably control plugins.

Parameter "wait to match" or a "soft takeover" would really help musicians who get controllers without motorized or endless controls.

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