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Has anyone used a Faderport One to input audio keyframes/automation control in Adobe Premiere, can it be done?

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asked May 17, 2018 in FaderPort Classic by kentwagner (150 points)
MacBook Pro 16G RAM 1T HD, 2.8GHz, running  OS 13.2 High Sierra, Adobe Premiere 12 in Creative Cloud 2018.

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answered May 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,360 points)
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Adobe developed support for FaderPort on their own. Might be best and faster to contact Adobe to see if they have a solution for you.
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answered May 18, 2018 by duringleaves (140 points)
Adobe Audition has support for the Faderport built-in, but Premiere Pro has not included it in the Control Surface options yet.  I would recommend visiting and submitting a new feature request for the Premiere team to include this option.