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asked Mar 22, 2020 in FaderPort 2018 by anthonypalmer3 (120 points)
I am thinking of buying a faderport v2 2018 to use with ADOBE AUDITION CC 2019. I would like to know if it is compatible and how I set up the Faderport to make sure it works. I know Adobe Audition lists PS Faderport in its control surface options but how do you configure the Faderport as far as which mode to use.

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answered Apr 23, 2020 by juoxaoen (280 points)
It looks like many users are having trouble with Adobe Audition and Fadeport 8,16, etc.

Does anybody know if Fadeport 87 works well with Adobe Audition over the ********* Xtouch?

Please, if you have any good or bad experiences using Fadeport or any other control surface your comments will be very welcome.
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by warrickvandenheever (140 points)
No it does not work. If it does work with Audition then support does not exist.
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answered Oct 8, 2020 by claudiucauneac (160 points)
After a lot of research if PreSonus Faderport v2 (2018) would work with Audition (under Windows 10 or anything else) I found NOTHING really telling me if it does or not, it's like this subject is avoided online for some reason, I took a leap of faith and I bought it anyway and give it a try first hand...just got it a couple of days ago (today is October 8th, 2020) and I tried to connect it to Audition but it seemed hopeless to get it to communicate and work properly, but I didn't give up on it just yet and I kept searching for an answer and found a guy being able to connect it to Premiere Pro, not my model but the 8 channel one using Mackie protocol connection, so I tried it out...this is what I did in this order:

1. Faderport v2

- turn on while holding down the Next arrow looking right button (to change the Operation Mode) and those top buttons led up and I pressed the Mute button which is MCU (Logic) > now the PreSonus FP2 is in Logic (mackie) protocol mode. - I think you only have to do this once and then it'll stay like that, hopefully lol

2. Audition

- before opening Audition I did all the settings from point 1 above in Faderport v2 and left it on, then opened up Audition (I have Adobe Creative Cloud Suite which is up to date today 10/8/20) and I went to Edit > Preferences > Control Surface > added a device under Device Class > chose Mackie > click Settings (or double click the Mackie once added under Device Class then click Settings) > on the Configure Mackie Control window click Add > on the smaller ConfigureMackie Control window that opens up under Device Type chose Mackie Control, under MIDI Input Device choose PreSonus FP2 (or something like that - it should show up in there if the PreSonus Faderport is on and connected to your computer), under MIDI Output Device choose PreSonus FP2 (same with input MIDI) > click OK > OK > OK > OK and at some point the fader on Presonus should move meaning that it somehow communicated with Audition.

This way I was able to use it with Audition and here you have a youtube of this guy showing the basic functionality of the PreSonus Faderport V2:

I was able to use it with Audition like the guy in the youtube video (I only tried the basic functionality - I mean all the buttons on it and shift + buttons to see if they do what they say) with small exceptions like when the Marker is pressed the Next or Prev buttons won't go to the markers and I just got a footswitch (M-Audio SP 2 Universal Sustain Pedal) to use it with PreSonus FP2 but I wasn't able to get it to work it, I might but I just didn't yet...I'm fairly new to Audition and I might be missing stuff here and there, but in a few words it will work with Audition under mackie protocol...there might be better ways to connect it and get a full functionality out of it but I haven't tried them all yet.

Good luck.