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Studio monitors making noise whilst music is played. Presonus 1818

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asked May 19, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by winstonmoonsamy (130 points)
I purchased a presonus 1818 from a friend. I hooked up everything to my Mac (currently running sierra). I have not yet installed any DAW, I'm just setting up my studio. I purchased high end Mackie hr824 Mk2 studio monitors which I love.

However after connecting the monitors to my 1818 (no vsl software) everything sounds noisy. It has the sound of a TV (when signal is lost). Its doing it constantly.

I currently have my monitors connected to the L/R main outs, I also tried 7 and 8 with no solution.

Ps - I also tried another pair of Maudio bx8 monitors and its still the same.

Please help


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