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How is PreSonus going to address the high noise floor in Eris studio monitors?

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asked Jan 20 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by GregRyan4337 (190 points)
I purchased 1st gen eris 4.5 monitors and encountered a very high noise floor when the monitors are turned on.  The noise/hiss occurs when only the power cable is connected and no inputs are connected.  I flip the switch and then a few seconds later the power amps kicks on and the noise starts from both the tweeter and woofer.  Before offering any suggestions, I have tried the following:

- disconnecting everything except the power cable

- plugging into every other outlet in the apartment, including multiple different power strips AND the grounded outlets in the kitchen and bathroom

- Wrapping the entire monitor in several layers of aluminum foil to eliminate any EMI/RF interference

- adjusting all gain knobs and frequency knobs.  The noise occurs regardless of the position of any knob (ex. gain knob fully 0% and at 100%)

This noise can be heard whenever the power amplifier in the primary speaker kicks on.  It can be heard from 6ft away.  I understand all active monitors have some noise when listening very close to the speakers, but the level of noise is extremely audible from several feet away and can be heard when a source is plugged in and music is playing.  The volume and character of the noise does not change with input source, input gain, monitor gain, position in the house, amount of additional shielding, etc.

Tech support sent me a replacement pair.  Same issue.  They then sent me the eris 4.5BT 2nd generation model, and the same issue occurs.  Unbearable level of noise/hiss regardless of the set up.  Note: this is not in some super quiet studio or anechoic chamber.  This is in my apartment next to a busy road with the constant sound of cars going by, and this hiss is still audible from 6ft away.

What is PreSonus going to do to address this issue in the eris 4.5s?

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