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Studio 1824 how to direct Monitor ? NO DAW

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asked May 26, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jans5 (150 points)

yesterday i first tested my new Studio 1824 just t realize i'm not able to run the unit on direct Monitor.

I mean real direct monitoring no DAW based monitoring. I use the unit in home studio where practicing is

still a thing and i rarely use a DAW at all and i'm going stereo in on either spdif or line in. But i don't find a way

to just pass the incoming signal to any output mix. So i'm not able to direct monitor what i'm sending in.

I have various scenarios where this is absolutely crucial.

How do i achive this ? Using a DAW in the background is not an option.

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answered Jun 1, 2018 by nickmaggio (26,660 points)
selected Jan 27, 2020 by ghasenbeck
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You can use the Mixer Panel in Universal Control. Take a look at section 4 of the user manual that will tell you what you need to know pertaining to controlling the Studio 1824 outside of a DAW directly. 

If referring to Stand Alone abilities:

The Studio 1824 isn't designed for stand-alone operation. Studio 1824 does not support pass-through ( StandAlone Operation) monitoring while not connected to a computer, this effectively would be a feature request.  However, it does seem to retain the UC mix in temporary memory.  Once the unit is powered OFF/ON, then the memory resets until sync is re-established with UC on a computer.  UC settings are saved locally on the computer.

We might suggest instead considering something along the lines of a Series III Rack Mixer or the 1602 USB or AR Series StudioLive Mixers if you need stand-alone functionality.

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answered Jun 13, 2018 by jusc (270 points)

I just bought a 1824 and I really beleived that it was "normal" that a simple monitoring were possible by the main output when there is no computer connected... I'm very sad that it's not the case. By Firepod did that 10 years ago !!


I manage to do what you are looking for, but it's not exactly "without computer"...

So :

Start your computer once the morning,

wait for your Studio 1824 to be syncronize with the computer (I d'ont remember if the UC mixer has to be court-circuited in the options, try both...)

unplug the USB cable !

and then, without computer, the studio's monitoring will still work without the computer.

the on/off led will blink few secondes and then stay red, BUT THE MONITORING WITHOUT COMPUTER will perfectly work !

you can now switch off the computer.

It will work until you switch off the Studio product.

I hope it can help