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After buying S1 4 my 3 S1 license is in a "activation loop"

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asked May 26, 2018 in Studio One 3 by bjrneriksson (220 points)

When I start Studio One 3, I get a pop up for activiting it, this is an eternal loop, neither click ok or manage activations helps.

Manage activations brings me to the my presonus, where see and can download my license file, but both options just restarts S1 3 and it all begins again. Since I never can start it I can't activate it.

Well, while writing this I got an idea.
C:\ProgramData\PreSonus\Studio One 3\ is the directory where tthe old license is.
I deleted it and now I get the option to activate it ;)
Hope this helps anyone,

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answered May 26, 2018 by themuzic (7,860 points)
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According to Presonus this is been resolved and is slowly propagating to everyone's accounts.  But please try this to verify.

1. Log out of your My Presonus account

2. Now, log back in

3. Hit refresh 3 or 4 times and see if the license has restored

4. If it has then your set.

5. If not, please put in a ticket with Presonus Support and let them know. It's the only way they will be able to get our account working directly.
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answered May 26, 2018 by bjrneriksson (220 points)

Well, I sorted it out by deleting the old license file in C:\ProgramData\PreSonus\Studio One 3\, my license was fresh and new at Presonus, I never got the option to activate, so deleting this file was the solution, had nothing to do with my account or missing license, just an old deactivated license that was spoking around.