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Is the Presonus 26 always on?

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asked Jun 1, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by sheanewkirk (150 points)
This may be a silly question, but my Presonus 26 has no power button and even when I shut my computer down it still seems to be drawing power and picking up my condenser mic. With the unit always "on" even when my computer is off, will this degrade the unit faster because it is essentially always on?

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answered Jun 28, 2018 by butchrichard (131,070 points)
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The Studio 26 is powered from the USB connection.  Different computers distribute power differently depending on the USB connection.  You might try connecting to a different connection on your computer.  

Leaving it connected and powered is OK.  The Studio 26 is designed for this.

However, if you need to have it powered off, you might consider using a powered USB hub with on/off switches.  I use these all the time.  They work very well.